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What’s so awesome about politicians?

Don’t you just love Clinton, Trump and Obama?


You should, actually. As a fiction writer you should appreciate politicians and strong, charismatic leaders like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and even Seth Godin.


Because they evoke strong emotions. All of them. Very few people can stay indifferent, when they read a quote by Trump, Obama or Clinton. They will either love it or hate it. There are almost no grey areas here.

And isn’t that exactly your job as a writer? To evoke strong emotions?

One of the members of my Kindle Mastermind group, Christopher Pendergraft, has written a book in which he shows you how to use real persons as a basis for characters in your book. He’s also giving an in-depth analysis of politicians such as Obama, Trump and Hillary Clinton, and businessmen like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and others.

Armed with the knowledge of HOW to use real persons, combined with this in-depth knowledge about those real persons, you can come up with strong personalities for your books, whether they are about billionaire hotties, dark villains, or horrible monsters.

Take a look at Writing REAL Characters here http://malka.im/realcharsvol1

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