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Why short books are the key

Are you the kind of person who hates wasting time?

I know I am. Back when I had a job, waiting for a delayed train made me go crazy. And now that I’m writing full time, I’m the same.

If I write a book, I don’t want to waste months of writing only to discover that the book doesn’t sell.

There’s a solution to that problem: Short books. And we’re in luck, because readers love short books. They love them so much that Amazon has devoted a whole category with subcategories to what they call “short reads”.

Let me paraphrase that title: “short reads” means “quick writes”.

Lovely, right?

  • You can write a “short read” fast. It’s possible to do it in one day.
  • You can test the waters with your “short read”. If it’s popular, you can make a whole series or expand your book.
  • Readers love “short reads”. They buy them on their phone and read them on their phone. It has to be short to work.
  • You’re going to love “short reads” when I tell you how successful they can be.

One of my friends, Paul Coleman, not only helps writers to succeed. He’s also writing his own books, and he tests his theories in-depth before he releases his research.

Recently, he made it to the top with a short read. I’ll give you a link to proof a bit further down. Ranking that well means several hundreds of dollars per day in royalties.

I’ve been through his guide twice now, and it’s definitely something you should devour like a piece of luxury chocolate: Read it through once. Get the overview.

Then dive down into the book a second time. This time follow the step-by-step guidelines.

One of the charms about this blueprint is that it’s not an overwhelming task. You’re not asked to write an epic historic novel. Your only job is to write 30-36 pages. Anyone can do that.

Get all the details here http://malka.im/mrtb

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