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Turn your Thanksgiving or Black Friday experiences into story ideasand characters

Did you have a lovely, sentimental, completely sane family event on Thanksgiving?

Or did you have to sit next to Aunt Martha and listen to her gossip constantly about everyone she knows between mouthfuls of turkey and fixings?

Did you want to blow up the turkey before Uncle Frank started a drunken brawl?

And how about all the “fun” of Black Friday. Good times, right?

Were you exposed to some… let’s call them “interesting” people or events on Black Friday?

Did you venture out like an intrepid explorer braving the wilds of the New World, only to encounter some “natives” in wild costumes acting like savages?

If you had some vivid experiences like those this holiday weekend, turn them into story ideas you can use for a Kindle book!

I have just the thing to help with that: http://malka.biz/endlesskindle/

Thanksgiving this past weekend was a US holiday, of course, but you can still probably think of many memorable people and events you’ve experienced this year.

They make great inspiration for stories you can write and sell. But you need to know just how to do it.

That’s what you get in my Endless Kindle Story Ideas guide. I hope you like it!

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