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It’s no mystery – you have to please your readers

When you write books to sell, you have to take into consideration your readers’ happiness.

It’s unavoidable.

And if you write mysteries, including cozy mysteries, it’s very important to know what avid readers of that genre expect.

Do you know?

If you answered ‘No’ then you run the risk of displeasing those who buy your book.

Mystery readers can be hard to please. But that’s only because there are some common mistakes many mystery writers make that are actually pretty easy to avoid.

And that’s what I’ve put together for you, so you don’t have to do the research yourself.

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A big mistake writers make is violating the notion of fair play. Fair play just means you need to give adequate clues as you tell your story so that readers feel like they have a real chance to figure out ‘whodunnit’ as much as the sleuth in your story.

That’s probably the biggest reader complaint of mysteries, including cozies. Too many writers spring the identity of the killer on readers out of the blue. That’s a real no-no!

You must give the readers a realistic chance through the clues you leave to figure that out on their own as they read your story. Fair play.

But there are several more common errors beyond violating the idea of fair play. I’ll tell you all of those, as well as helping with:

  • Your Sleuth’s Brain and Occupation
  • Setting, Side Characters, and Killers
  • Romance and Love Interests
  • Violence, Gore, Sex, etc.
  • Surprises from Cozy Mystery Readers

My goal in creating this was to take away the scary part of writing a good cozy mystery: angering your readers. Once you’ve gone through Cozy Mystery Deal Breakers, you won’t have that worry any longer.

And for a limited time, you can get this for the lowest price I’ll ever offer. So don’t wait!

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