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Whodunnit? How to write better mysteries

Fair play is a big deal among mystery readers. And cozy mystery readers are no different.

Fair play just means you (as the writer) must give enough clues to your readers so that when you reveal whodunnit, it does not anger your readers. It’s a common complaint when fair play is violated in a mystery.

Readers expect this and other things when you write a cozy mystery, and you need to know what they are.

If you make readers feel duped or like they had no way of figuring your mystery out from the clues you left, you’ll have upset readers for sure.

How to avoid these kinds of mistakes is the focus of my latest product, which I’m calling Cozy Mystery Deal Breakers.

Check it out here: http://malka.biz/cozy-mystery-deal-breakers/

There are lots of things cozy mystery readers expect, and if you don’t get these right, you risk upset book buyers and bad reviews.

Fortunately, it’s not hard to avoid these common pitfalls. But you have to know what to avoid before you can avoid them, right?

That’s what you’ll get here.

Beyond the idea of fair play, you get help with:

  • Your Sleuth’s Brain and Occupation
  • Setting, Side Characters, and Killers
  • Romance and Love Interests
  • Violence, Gore, Sex, etc.
  • Surprises from Cozy Mystery Readers

If you have any interest in writing cozy mysteries – or really any kind of mystery book – I know this will help you.

And for a limited time, you can get this for the lowest price I’ll ever offer. So even if you think your mystery writing days are in the future, grab this now and be better armed to write great books.

Here you go: http://malka.biz/cozy-mystery-deal-breakers/

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