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Nonfiction author? How to improve your writing

There’s something seriously wrong with my dog, Nefnef.

She understands long and complex words like “peanut butter jar”, “teddy bear”, and “rubber bone”, but not short words like “no”, “come” and “down”.

Now, I know that in theory, over time, she’ll get better if I keep training her.

Realistically? It’s not going to happen.

It’s a good thing that we human beings are better 😀

We know that if we keep training a skill and learn from our wins and losses, then we’ll get better.

I’ve been writing professionally since 1998, and I had 25 top-ten best-sellers books traditionally published by IDG Books Denmark.

The last many years I’ve been writing in English, and I’ve learned a lot of tricks of the trade to help me improve.

And now I’m sharing this with you.

Every month, I’ll have a new volume full of tips, stories, and advice from myself, as well as other writers.

I’ll help you with:

  • Research
  • Book Topics
  • Outlines
  • Writing
  • Editing

The only purpose behind this newsletter is to help YOU become a better, more successful writer. That’s it.

I know you’ll enjoy reading it. Take notes because I will always include tons of tips, my unique insights, and good advice from other writers, too.

Don’t miss out on this. I’m certain it will help you become a better writer.

Here’s the link: http://malka.biz/nf-newsletter/

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