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Nonfiction doesn’t get easier than this

Mike Nielsen has been using this method himself for a while.

If you want to write any kinds of books where you want to show what’s going on on your screen, then this method will help you get extremely fast at it.

  • You will need Windows 7 or newer, though.

In other words, it doesn’t work on Linux or Mac or an older Windows PC.

Still interested? Good, this is what Mike’s product consists of:

  • 4 videos showing the full process of using a free tool to help you create your book in no time – even without cheating.
  • 2 PDF files containing the slides Mike uses for the videos.
  • 2 PowerPoint presentations, containing the same slides.
  • 1 Sample manuscript, showing you an example of how you can do this.
  • 1 PDF file with instructions to make simple digital covers yourself. (I’m not impressed by Mike’s example.)

It’s a clever little method, and when I heard about it from Mike (he told me several times about how he used it), I told him to write down how he did. And he listened!

Read more about Mike’s latest book-a-day nonfiction guide here: http://malka.im/mikebadnf

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