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Imagine what understanding the Hero’s Journey could do for yourwriting

Reading books is good. Absolutely.

You can learn a lot about writing from books.

But sometimes it takes a teacher you can ask questions to really get a concept.

Really understand it deep down and utilize it.

That’s how I experienced the Hero’s Journey.

I understood the basics, but there were some aspects I couldn’t grasp.

It’s a great tool for adding structure to your novel, for example, but did you realize that you can also use it to help you with your characters?

When you use the Hero’s Journey, just like so many best-selling writers and movie writers do, then it will also guide you towards the characters you need.

That’s one of the things Rob Howard and Bill Platt will show you in details in five live training sessions, starting Monday.

Yes, nice timing 🙂

This will definitely help you with NaNoWriMo or any time you plan to write fiction.

If you’re in any kind of doubt of whether this will help you or not, then I think you should read what previous students experienced during a similar course three years ago.

You’ll find their testimonials here http://malka.im/herosjourney

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