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Writing fiction? Why the “Hero’s Journey” is much more than structure

On my birthday in 2011, we visited Yad Vashem with our school.

You might know it under another name, The Holocaust Museum.

They restructured the inside of the building a few years ago, and now, when you visit, you are guided around by fences. Everybody takes the same route through the museum, going from pre-war Germany, over the first years, the ghettos in Warsawa, the concentration camps, all the way up to the liberation.

When visitors left, they were quiet. Nobody talked for a long while. They’d been through a story of the life and dead, joy and sadness.

Nobody leaves unimpressed.

That’s the kind of impact you’ll want on your readers.

And the Hero’s Journey is a structure that can help you reach that goal.

But what you might not have considered is that it can do much more than guide through the story.

It can help you come up with the right kind of characters, whether you’re writing romance, comedy, thriller or mystery or any other genre.

The right kind of characters and archetypes, heroes, villains and helpers.

Right in time for NaNoWriMo that starts Tuesday, Rob Howard repeats his most popular class so far, his Hero’s Journey.

His last class was three years ago. This year he’s doing it with Bill Platt over five days. Five classes of 1 – 1 1/2 hours.

You’ll meet me in there, on the first row, popcorn, pen and paper in hand. (I can’t be there Friday, but all the classes are recorded.)

Is this Hero’s Journey Class something that will help you?

Most likely, yes, but I suggest you take a look at the testimonials from Rob’s last class.

Read more about the course and what students thought about it here: http://malka.im/herosjourney

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