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How to get more book sales

You like to write. I like to write. We all like to write.

But if we can’t sell what we write, then it’s really just a hobby and not a way to help make a living.

The difference often comes down to actively promoting what we write. At least until you have a big following from previous books.

Until then, you have to go out and find readers if you want to be assured of success as an author.

One of the best ways is to start an author blog and then attract visitors. From there, you can promote your books and increase your sales.

That’s the formula. Simple, right?

Well, maybe not so simple… unless you have a helpful guide.

That’s what I’ve created for you.

Check it out here: http://malka.biz/your-author-blog/

It’s 31 pages of useful info about:

  • Why you need an author blog if you want to be successful
  • How to set it up correctly for worry-free operation
  • What to post to impress visitors and sell more books
  • Specific ways to get more visitors to your blog
  • How to add visitors to your list to stay in touch and build a loyal fan base

It’s just what you’ve been looking for to get more book sales and build a loyal reader fan base.

Click here: http://malka.biz/your-author-blog/

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